Affiliate Hotel Search & Booking System PHP Script

Trivik is a affiliate hotel search and booking system where you can earn a decent commission every time the user book hotel from the partner website. The modern and responsive design of trivik makes it unique and trustable for the users. Trivik is loaded with features required to search hotels worldwide through geolocation multi-currency feature. The database is local hotel database provided by the partner website. The normal version is loaded with one database whereas the add-on is a price comparison website where the user can compare different prices from different websites.

Use Admin Username: admin Password: admin123

100% Responsive Design

Affiliate Earning

Geo Currency & Country

Map View & Local Database

Multi Filter & sorting

Social Login & Newsletter


Responsive design

Trivik is responsive and works with all devices. The new design is bootstrap based which is modified to the hotel search requirements.


All-new features

Trivik is enhanced with all the automated features required for hotel search engine. It is integrated with automated geo-location & currency, multiple filter options, automated date selection and ratings etc.


Hotels Map View

Trivik hotel search engine is integrated with google map view where the user can search for hotels based on the locations and book accordingly.


Multi Currency

The multi-currency option of trivik is unique which converts price according to the location. This price can be changed manually through the dropdown.


Advanced Filter Option

There are various filter options integrated with Trivik such as star hotels, rating of the hotels, price range, hotel name search and hotel size.


Price Comparison (Add-on)

Trivik Addon is integrated with additional feature such as price comparison which links all the hotels of different website and display price for that hotel from various websites.

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Trivik Add-on Features

Simple add-on to make it price comparison with free setup


Affiliate Shopping Website PHP Script (Backend Python)

Karto is a affiliate automated price comparison shopping php script. The Karto is automated bot which grabs all the product details, images, price from various websites(any shopping website can be integrated into the system). The karto is unique script in the market which not only adds product to cart but also updates price regularly. It has an easy and powerful admin panel to monitor each and every product. For example some of the shopping sites already integrated into the system are amazon, abay, rakuten, bestbuy etc. The price includes installation of the software into the system, 1 year free upgrades, 6 months free support. The user has to relax and promote the website to earn a huge affiliate earning from this system.

Use Admin Username: admin Password: password


100% Responsive Design

Affiliate Earning

Automated Product Catalogue

Automated Price Update

Multi Filter & sorting

Product Compare


Advanced Search

You can search any product, categories etc through free text search integrated in karto menu bar.


Various Categories Created

Karto is already integrated with various categories in the home page which is further integrated with the automated product addition.


Advanced Category Filters

All the categories integrated with karto comes with advanced category filters for example brand, type, price, language etc.


Modern Two Level Menu

The menu designed in karto is two level menu with all the categories and sub categories in addition with image in each of the category.


Advanced Product Comparision

Product Comparison is integrated into every product page and also individual products can be searched from product comparison page.


Product Display Category

Every Category display has its own product display page with option of choosing sub-type of the products within that category.


Individual Product Page

Each of the product is displayed with all the prices from the sellers, along with highlighting the price of the product.


Recently Viewed Items

Karto is integrated with recently viewed items in all the individual product page so that the user can easily navigate to the product recently viewed.

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We are expert in social media marketing, brand development, organic search, traffic building etc.


We are experts in various website development including small scale website design to large scale development. Our product karto is a large scale website development example. Our expertise include development in php, python, ruby etc.

SEO Service

Our industry standard SEO service include on page and off page website optimization. We are expert in branding and promotion of any website.


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Questions & Answers

Frequently asked questions and simple answers to understand

What is required to start a affiliate website like karto?

Karto is included with installation and automated system to add products to the catalogue. You just need to relax and promote the website.

Will I need any special software/hardware for Karto?

Yes Karto backend requires minimum VPS hosting/Dedicated hosting with recommended 4GB of RAM and 4 Cores for automated addition of the products.

How does your 10-day money back guarantee work?

If you aren't satisfied with the software, send our support team an email and we'll send you a refund. No questions asked.

What is the earning potential from this affiliate website

Certain percentage of commission is shared from the affiliate website every time the user purchase from the partner website. The affiliate website can generate an income range from $300 to $10,000 and even more depending on your promotional skills.

What kind of skills do I need to use?

The affiliate website is complete and automated. In addition, we install and setup every thing for you, so you need to just promote the website and earn a decent income automatically without doing anything.

How can I add new websites (shopping site) to Karto System?

We charge a nominal fee of $50 per website and add that website to the existing Karto backend system.

What is the difference between trivik and trivik add-on?

Trivik is a single website hotel display system whereas Tricik add-on is a added feature to accomodate a price comparison affiliate booking website which compares prices from different websites.

How often do you release new features?

Our system is rigorously tested and working so we target to update the script every three months.

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